Blogaversary Party

A year ago I started this blog because I was a writer nobody wanted to read. I'd had enough of opening the trades to news of another record spec sale I hadn't made. When blogs I hadn't created were optioned for books, sitcoms and three-picture deals I hadn't landed, I became even more annoyed. Eventually it became clear that if I didn't have a blog I'd surely never be tapped to adapt a blog into a New York Times bestseller and the feel good movie of the year. If also else failed, I would at least have created a repository for my work, forcing myself on a daily basis to chronicle the tail end of my ten-year struggle from successful journalist to failed screenwriter. The truth is, I wasn't at all sure I had a full year of struggle left in me.

Looking back through my early postings, I see that it took awhile to find my bloggerly groove. There is comedy in misery, I soon discovered, especially here in Hollywood, where the world's class clowns and homecoming kings and queens share the dubious goal of wanting in. What I hadn't counted on, of course, was getting in. What's fun about that? While selling my first script has opened all kinds of doors I spent so many years kicking in, the immutable truth is that success isn't nearly as funny as failure.

I used to record my thoughts here every day because I didn't have anything else to do with them. Now I have all kinds of things, and lo and behold, they're not all that fascinating. Today, for example, I have the shades drawn and the A/C on. I'll be in my pajamas all afternoon, working on a revised outline for my producers at Universal. Should my literary agent call to inquire into the latest re-write of my book proposal, I will either screen the call or pick it up and lie. At some point, I will make an egg salad sandwich and watch back to back episodes of Judge Judy. While I may tell myself I'm too busy to blog, the reality is I no longer have the requisite desperation to be heard.

Over the last year, my readership has grown from a single visitor, my sister, to many thousands of you every week who seem to pop by in equal numbers regardless of how long it's been since my last post. I can't promise I'll post more frequently now that I'm not as miserable or hilarious a girl as I once was. I do, however, urge the mysterious throngs who missed my early missives to get your fix in my archives. You might find, as I did, that success isn't so different than failure after all.


  1. Happy Anniversary, Julie. For whatever it's worth, (no talent imitating hacks and online stalkers?), I started my blog after reading yours. No, it doesn't compare, but it keeps me writing.

  2. Funny, though (and I've found the same thing with my blog). As I get busier (and busier for a producer can equate to being more successful, though not necessarily), I blog less. So as the posts get more interesting (potentially) they occur less frequently, cancelling out to some degree the better content.

    Also, Ive gone public. Have you thought about doing so?

  3. Happy Blogiversary, Julie! I never doubted you would get "there", but I must say, when "It" happened, it felt like a slam in the forehead; it happened that fast - blogtime, at least. And it is a little disappointing that you don't have the same kind of time and mood to blog as often. But I'm sure proud of you. And happy for you. And jealous/envious of you. And I will remain forever,

    Your Biggest Canuckian Fan.

  4. Wherever you go, there you are.

    (Don't worry, you'll find new stuff to be bitter about.)

  5. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Come on. You and I both know that you are still hilarious and, in many ways, more bitter than ever. The real problem is finding the time to blog.

    This is a noteworthy anniverayr and just one more reasona I admire you so!

    -The Once and Former Type A Sister

  6. Congrats on the year, Julie! Don't worry about blogging everyday. I check you out each day and when you have a new entry, it's like Xmas. Talk to you later!

  7. Julie,
    You rock. You rock hard. Congrats on the blogiversary... here's to another year of adventures!

  8. While I may tell myself I'm too busy to blog, the reality is I no longer have the requisite desperation to be heard.

    I love this. Well said.

    This is my first post, though I'm a longtime lurker. Don't feel bad about not blogging everyday. It's inspiring for an aspiring screenwriter like myself to read your journey in the archives and read every new post in the present. They are like cherries on the sundae. Congrats on all of your success!

  9. I loved you at the start and I still do.

    Egg salad rocks!


  10. Just discovered your blog about a month ago, and I'm happy with where I came in. Although you seem to think you've become uninteresting, I think (having gone extensively through the archives at this point) that you're simply interesting in a new way... a way I happen to prefer. Your take on the process of being a successful screenwriter is at least as important as your take on being a failed screenwriter. So keep writing this stuff (when you find the time, of course). And I agree with Grumpy... you should reveal yourself to us now, so that we can keep up on your paid writing the way we've kept up on your unpaid writing.