Julie Gets Down to Work

I used to think showbiz was tough, but then I got a job. The high stakes drama that goes on behind the scenes of a big corporation makes Hollywood look like marshmallow night at theater camp.

I went to work for a certain global entertainment company, which wasn't necessarily the happiest place on earth. Don't get me wrong, I was tickled to finally find myself inside the fold. But it's a very stressful thing, bringing the magic.

Where I once started the day alone with my thoughts, I was now jolted awake by a chorus of semi-professional moms questioning my commitment to producing big fun for the family when I didn't appear to have one. Turns out creative gals can be surprisingly unimaginative around who we choose to give birth to, who we go home to and what we do when we get there.

The truth is what I like to do is sit alone in a barn and write screenplays in hopes of selling another one already. So, having carved out a small pocket of time to accomplish this -- free of judgement, expectations and regular pay -- just why am I back to blogging?

I agree with the late Nora Eprhon, the quintessential lady writer, who compared blogging to hostessing a party. "It had a different function from other kinds of writing," she said, "in that it wasn’t meant to just be this piece of writing that people read, it was meant to be a piece of writing that started a conversation among the readers. Which became a reason for people to read it, so that they could then express what they thought about it. And once you learn that about blogging, then you first of all have the sense not to read any of the comments—because at a certain point they will be mean about you."
Drats, so there's no escaping the mean girls. Well, bring it, bitches. That means you, soul-sucking directress of the bored with your fake smile and sunny corner office. You too, fancy agent who never called despite the big dreams and burnt marshmallows we girls shared back in theater camp. We're in my wheelhouse now, where the hours are hell and the benefits nonexistent -- but I'm finally running the show again.

Please don't expect any apologies here for the fact that my prince showed only briefly before I had him deported. I have always been a princess, and without a gaggle of noisy little pretenders to the throne vying for my attention, I'm in a very good spot to kick some royal ass.

Or I could land another big job. Please mention my name if you know anybody in need of an experienced mid-level pixie duster with a loyal blog following.


  1. Ha! They haven't called in awhile, I was thinking they went out of business.